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Counterfeit watches: introduction of Fabrice Gueroux, specialist of the question

October 14, 2014

The market of luxury watches (new or second-hand) is a prosperous market in recent years, and this upward trend is likely to be confirmed for the coming years. But the success attracting systematically lusts - helping also by the phenomenal success of auctions on the Internet - we see grow in parallel manufacturing and distribution on a large scale of counterfeit watches. Whether it's the latest model from Cartier or a vintage Rolex Milgauss, these scammers offer you a wide range of models of better and better reproduced. To find and do not make you have, Fabrice Gueroux, author of a book entitled true and false watches the book of reference of the counterfeit watches, provides you some basic tips to follow before any purchase.

"If you buy your pre-owned watch, you'll most likely face, less than the purchased from a professional, to the fact whether it is a real... indicates the preamble Fabrice Gueroux. "This is the reason why I write this 320-page book, which focuses on the Rolex brand (the most copied of all) but also Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Breitling and Panerai, etc.. Voluntarily, I did not mention some brands less imitated or copied watches quality was too poor.

Long passionate about Swiss watches, I have like everyone else looking for ways to get cheaper. For my first template, the choice was simple: after having seen on the wrist of Sean Connery in James Bond, I dreamed purchasing a Rolex Submariner 5513. From that moment, I can say that I was literally caught by the passion of Swiss Replica Watches. However, my means do not allow me to own many, I quickly found myself in reselling to change regularly. And then, over time, this craze for watches has become a real passion. "I admired them for what they really were: works of art" still says the author.

"With the arrival of the Internet, I found myself surfing to indulge my passion and search for new business. Very quickly, I realized that if the opportunity was too good, is that the watch was probably false. For two years, I have therefore conducted research on counterfeiting. Going up bluffing some resellers to obtain the maximum of information and photographs. I was very unpleasantly surprised by the speed of evolution in the realization of these watches My book contains this experience will help the new watch or collection enthusiasts to quickly recognize a fake Rolex, Cartier and Panerai".

Rolex remains the brand most affected by the problem of counterfeiting. Followed by Cartier and recently, Panerai, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Breitling, Tag Heuer, IWC and same A. Lange and Sohne despite complications proposed by the latter. In reality, almost all major brands are affected by the infringement, on the other hand, the quality of the copies is far from identical: there is the worst as the 'best '. If the appearance of counterfeiting is sometimes misleading, fortunately, as regards the quality of the movements, we are far, far away the result!

Five years ago, it was still fairly easy for a trained eye to tell the difference between counterfeit and genuine watch. Today, to identify an infringement, must be almost opened the timepiece to discover an ETA and Valjoux movement instead of the original movement.

However, looking more closely, in training and acquiring an expert look, defects appear. You will discover as before opening the watch, can identify a copy through many small details like dial, the Crown, the typography used on the dial and the date, bracelet, serial number, etc. Besides the movement, which remains the best way to identify a copy. Still need to have it in hand and be able to open it.

These last movements are most often used for replicas of Rolex Daytona. These are reliable models and good quality. They are hard to recognize Rolex replica watches and are often sold with the box and identification papers. The serial number on the paper and the box are identical and correspond to the model. Remember that the only factor doing so that the watch can be classified as Swiss watch is the movement. Indeed, there is no production of counterfeits in Switzerland, unlike many manufacturers try to make believe.

There is also the "homemade" watches that can be very good Bill. These watches are actually watches that are modified on the basis of an infringement of very good quality. You take a Rolex Submariner of Grade 1 ("the best counterfeits') for example and you change some details to approach up to a true Submariner.

Some people arrive so for watches that you can not identify on a photo because they will show you some supporting details similar to a real, as for example the serial number, the size of the holes allowing the attachment of the strap pumps, the lens 2.5 X for the date, etc. In addition, some people are going to assemble pieces of fake watches on original watches. This is the reason for which need to be very careful and not just check only one or two points.

I chose this example because it is the best-selling and most widely used counterfeit in scams on the second-hand market. Yet once, this comparison is made to show you the number of errors that may be counterfeit manufacturers. And then don't lose that treated below aspects are valid only for this model.

The housing of the true Submariner is of very good quality steel (see comparison photo 17). The latter is much tougher, harder to scratch that one used for counterfeits. But usually, they are very similar. If you remove the rotating disc located around the dial, you will notice however that the system is not the same on both watches. Under the disk of the true Submariner, the housing is flat, on counterfeiting, it is hollow (see photo 18) and has a spring system that allows the disk do not turn in a vacuum and produce the click.

Furthermore, with regard to the click when you turn the disk, you will notice also on a true Submariner you to hear about 120 when you perform a full turn. On a good counterfeit, you don't hear that about 60. It is also a good test. That said, the disk is very easily removed using a knife lever between the latter and the Crown. This will not damage it if you protect it with a small piece of cardboard during the operation. So don't be shy.

The Submariner dial contains many indications. From top to bottom: ROLEX, Oyster Perpetual, 1000 ft, 300 m, superlative chronometer, officially certified swiss made (for recent models. For older models: SWISS T < 25). The counterfeits have the same indications. To differentiate them, in the case of a very good counterfeit, take a small watchmaker loupe (3 X magnification) and watch these indications closely. You will see that the original model are embossed and give an impression of rigid plastic material (they have been marked by a laser system), those of counterfeiting are relatively flat and thin (they have been printed - printing by inking system). (photo 20)

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